Working Visit Cleanness Officer to Surabaya City and Batu City











From all the traditional market in the city of Surabaya, just north Keputran market that already has a building as a place to house compost composting process waste generated from market activity. Waste treated by type of aerobic composting windrow method of composting in North Keputran Market about 2 m3 per day, far below the amount of waste generated Keputran Market North Surabaya












Tourism Environment Jambangan be special, because it is supported by the natural stretching citizens in managing the village. Around the 1970’s, many residents of downtown Surabaya and Gresik shifted to the region. Since the previous years, many immigrants who settled in the region. They live, grow crops, and gain life from this settlement. Gradually, the number of settlers increased and made ​​it a bustling village. At that time, their arrival is not accompanied by the arrangement of a healthy environment. Along the edge of time Surabaya overflowing trash and semi-permanent latrines. As a result of untidiness that comes Sriyatun (deceased) who took the initiative to disseminate to create a cleaner environment. That said, more than 35 years he was trying to change the behavior of residents not to defecate in the river. As a result, the business was successful and led to her Kalpataru award in 2008.









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