Competition Between Park Village as Magelang Year 2012

Department of Cleanness, Landscape and City Planning Magelang held the ornamental garden competitions, inter-district and city SKPD Magelang. Aims and Objectives Competition between Urban and SKPD Park is to support the vision and mission related to the program Magelang Magelang Million Flower City.

To realize the Million Flower City Magelang program, communities must be involved directly. One way is holding contest between the Village and SKPD Park. Of competition between the Village and the park is expected to arouse SKPD community participation as an embryo in the City of a Million Flowers magelang program, as well as efforts to prepare the Adipura assessment.

In the competition at any Village departments or parks should provide a certain size, then be assessed by the Assessment Team that is independent jury. To the Village may appoint a public park managed by the public (not private garden) located in the Village area, while SKPD is the garden in an office environment.

Independent jury drawn from a variety of elements, including the element of youth KNPI, elements of the PKK, the Office of Environment, Department of Agriculture, and the Department of Cleanness, Landscape and City Planning Magelang.

The evaluation criteria include the diversity of plant species, vegetation neatness shape, aesthetic garden, the percentage of flowering plants to the park, floral diversity, hygiene bins, and the role of the community in maintaining the park.

Criteria for community participation in maintaining the park, only in villages assessment criteria alone. Because the park with community must remain and continue to care for the park, if there needs to be scheduled blackouts care garden. Because hope is always neat garden, not just when judgment alone, so park in the City of a Million Flowers is spreading in the community, and not just in the city center alone.


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