Mayor Magelang: Cleanness Management Must Professionals

Magelang city ranks ninth Adipura assessment in 2012 as Central Java. Getuk city gets a score of 75.48 or above the value of the minimum requirements of the center is 74. However, in the future should Magelang hygiene management can improve the performance, if you want to return the award.


This was disclosed by Head of Environment Java Prov Ir Djoko Sutrisno MSi time exposure assessment in the courtroom Adipura lt 2 Secretariat Magelang, Monday (1/10).

Djoko said the judgment will be tightened again and have a different assessment standards than previous assessments.


“Magelang be more innovate again, if you want to retain the award in the field of hygiene,” said Djoko


Arrival Djoko Magelang related to the evaluation of assessment results Adipura in 2012. He was greeted by Mayor Magelang Ir. Sigit Widyonindito MT and its staff and members of City Council Commission C Magelang.


“We would like to express some assessment indicators that have been achieved by Magelang. There are already good, but there are still needs to be addressed, “he explained.


He said that the first assessment year 2012-2013 Adipura will begin in mid-October, for it Magelang be ready both physically and administration.


“What must be immediately addressed and more attention is the cleanliness and kerapiannya especially in the terminal, some public roads, as well as waste management around the street vendors,” he said.


Furthermore, the government’s efforts to maintain cleanliness, managing the environment and to manage not only the responsibility of government alone, but it takes the role of the community as well as other related components.


Mayor Magelang expect from the results of performance evaluation, can be input related to the environmental management major city with good arrangement.


“Rated or not rated, all parties must remain ready and pay attention in a professional city management, in order Magelang still looks clean, beautiful, comfortable and orderly,” said Sigit. Humas_Git

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