Vision Department of Cleanness, Landscape and City Planning Magelang


Weeks to support the vision Magelang year 2011-2015, “Realization of Magelang as City Services Advanced, Professional, Prosperous, Independent and Justice”, and in accordance with the authority of the Department of Hygiene, Landscape and City Planning Magelang, ie carry out its responsibilities in the field of cleanness , landscaping, street lighting, cemeteries, city arrangement, and waste management in landfill. So in order to support the vision Cleanness, Landscaping and City Planning Magelang set the vision is: “Creating Magelang a clean, beautiful, and well-supported by professional personnel”


The meaning of this vision can be described as follows:


 Clean Magelang

To achieve a clean Magelang can not be separated from the will, ability and commitment of the Regional Head. To achieve a clean Magelang begins with planning to built it, by choosing the right method, by applying the effective formation and establishes the main objectives and targets to be achieved between.


 Magelang Beautiful

In realizing Magelang beautiful aimed at improving the quality and quantity of city parks, street lighting, city decoration, and green / green belt.


 Magelang organized

Technical and operational policy in realizing Magelang organized, linked to the installation of the billboard permits, so that no impression Magelang as the city of a million commercials, as well as increased coordination in building permits.


Brought Magelang are arranged, create the conditions related to the use of space in a planned and organized so as to create the face shape of the city that have certain characteristics and identity while remaining comfortable to live without neglecting the aspect of productivity and sustainable, both economically and ecologically.


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