1. Realization Magelang clean of trash with an optimal waste management supported by facilities and infrastructures as well as sufficient manpower so that the city is clean and comfortable.

2. Emergence of coordination of city cleanness management system in synergy with other agencies.

3. Increasing public awareness and support the formation of partnerships in the field of cleanness in the city

4. Uncontrolled pollution and environmental destruction

5. The realization of public service in the field of environmental health

6. Realization of greening the city that serves as a shade, the penetration of air pollution and lung city

7. The realization of the beautiful city parks and green

8. Realization of street lights and parks that serve to decorate the city faces

9. Increasing Human Resources in electricity

10. Increasing the quality of services in the funeral.

11. The availability of databases and documents the development of the cemetery

12. The realization of the arrangement of buildings and billboards that are consistent with city planning.

13. Increased understanding of the laws and regulations on the use of space.

14. Increased community participation in the control room

15. Realization of coordination across Government Unit in the control chamber.



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