Target Achievement in the Field of City Planning




a. The controlled use of space according to the spatial plan.

Spatial Plan Magelang is the parent of the regulatory control of land use is expected to be consistent spatial arrangement that ultimately support sustainable development (sustainable) for future generations and wise development to environmental sustainability. Building Permit and Permit Advertising as one of the instruments of spatial control is very effective when carried out consistently with the arrangement of space.

b. The achievement of the quality of the building in accordance with the required technical reliability.

With the regulation of local building regulations and technical standards architectural planning, construction, building infrastructure and governance environment administration building is expected to be achieved in Magelang technical reliability.

c. The achievement of order in the execution building.

Orderly delivery of administrative buildings that all development activities should be licensed as well as the implementation of development planning is based on a document that is in conformity with the technical regulations.

d. Ensuring legal certainty in terms of ownership of the building.

By having a permit before building the construction of a legal as well as in the use of the building and it will berkepastian legal ownership of the building.



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