Mission Department of Cleanness, Landscape and City Planning Magelang


To realize this vision Department of Cleanness, Landscaping and City Planning Magelang set of 5 (five) mission as follows:


a. Mission 1 (unity)

Improving the management of hygiene, waste and waste utilization in a professional and sustainable accompanied by an increase in the participation of community empowerment and self-reliance.

Its meaning:

Organizing the management of hygiene, waste and waste utilization should dilaksanakana professionally and to realize sustainable urban environment is clean and comfortable. It is of course also need to be supported by the presence of adequate infrastructure and public awareness to take participate in it. The mission is also the intent to mencipkatan independence in managing and utilizing the waste.


b. Mission 2 (second)

Improving the visual quality of the city by improving the quality of management of parks, green spaces and street lighting professional towards a beautiful city, beautiful and interesting.

Its meaning:

Managed by professionals of the assets city parks, urban green open spaces and public spaces of the city, street lighting and decorative component of the city is required to realize visually interesting city. With the appearance of such, will be able to support services as mandated by the City embodied in Vision Mission City. To conduct this mission would have to be offset by a good working mechanism, labor and competent professionals and supported by working infrastructure sufficient.


c. Mission 3 (three)

Improving the management of funerals conducted in a professional and fair as well as the management of the cemetery as green open space.

Its meaning:

With the increased ability of personnel in performing their duties, so that the funeral service permits materialized excellent service. Besides the tomb area Cemetery Giriloyo place as one of the green open space can be managed to support the greening of the city.


d. Mission 4 (four)

Improve the control of spatial organization of the building in an orderly manner and advertisement commitment to urban planning and preservation of historic buildings, including heritage buildings or valuable herritage.

Its meaning:

Improving spatial control to match the city planning documents and regulations and rules of spatial organization of the building both an administrative and technical rules. Conduct administrative activities of establishment means that the building or installation of billboards have been licensed first. Orderly technically means that the building has the reliability of construction and built to meet the standards set. In addition to the utilization of space, the building has stood still worth herritage magelang preserved so that the image of the city as the old city still survive and are not displaced.


e. Mission 5 (five)

Improving public administration discipline, personnel and financial accountability

Its meaning:

Brought apparatus is clean, bright, high work ethic and professional so as to provide an optimal service to the community. so it can support terlaksanaya official duties with the orderly administration of public support, personnel and financial accountability.


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