Field Service Cleanness

1. Street Cleanness Services
Department of Cleanness, Landscape and City Planning is the primary agency responsible for the cleanness in Magelang. Department of Cleanness, Landscape and City Planning minister sweeping on major roads / protocol and connecting roads in Magelang. For locations in the markets is the responsibility of Market Management Office and the location at Soekarno-Hatta Airport terminal is the responsibility of the Department of Transportation, Communication, and Information.

2. Waste transportation services to landfill
Rubbish that had been swept then collected and discarded at the transfer depot that serves as a transit / temporary exile, before being transported to landfill Banyuurip as a permanent landfill. To transport this waste to landfill, Department of Cleanness, Landscape and City Planning has a fleet of transport vehicles waste 14 units consisting of:
– Trucks / Dump Truck 7 units;
– Pick up trash 2 units;
– Vehicle Wheel 3 by 5 units.

3. Community development in the field of cleanness
Fostering community-based waste handling 3R (Reduce, Reuse, Recycling) at both the individual and communal scale. At the time of this Strategic Plan was drafted there were 18 RW and 1 communal areas.

4. Waste handling services at landfill Banyururip
Landfill Banyuurip as Regional Technical Services Unit is a unit serving, arrange, organize and manage the waste generated from the activity of the city, both from settlements, markets, terminals, schools, essentially serving all aspects of waste disposal activities. The main equipment used in the handling of waste in landfill is heavy equipment such as bulldozers and exavator.

Department of cleanness, landscape and city planning Magelang have the following equipment:
– Bulldozer 2 units;
– Exavator 2 units;
– Wheelloader 1 unit.

5. The suction service latrines
Household waste such as sludge is a source of soil contamination. For that waste should be treated special place, in this case Fecal Waste Treatment Plant located in the village Dumpoh, Village Potrobangsan. Department of Hygiene, Landscaping, and City Planning Magelang match tupoksi have a duty and responsibility to serve the community property suction toilet. Fleet suction outhouse belonging Department of cleanness, landscape and city planning Magelan 2 units, namely: 1 unit tanker stool and 1 unit tank pick up feces.


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